Babbitt Bearing Specialists, Inc.

(Formally American Metal Bearing) was established in 1996. Troy S. Erickson, now owner and president of the corporation, was hired and trained by Master Babbitt machinists in 1990. He perfected his techniques in the reconditioning of Babbitt bearings and purchased the company when he was plant manager and in charge of quality control. 

Babbitt Bearing Specialists, Inc.

provides quality bearing repair and rehabilitating service to get your equipment up and running at a timely response. Customer service, personal attention, quality and excellence is our mission and our only goal. Our Quality Control Department has strict standards and we are widely known in the industry for producing services to the customers' specifications and deliver a product that works right the first time. 

6.5 x 4.7 Hub Bearing After 4

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Centrifugal Castings

  • Size capabilities to 4' OD
  • Spun at OEM specified speeds
  • Correct preheat and cooling

OD Fits

  • Insulated
  • Metal Spray
  • Ceramic Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Bronze
  • Megometer 200M OHMS/1000V

Static Pour

  • Ability to pour one-ton continuously
  • Pots clearly marked for quality control
  • correct pour temperatures strictly followed
  • Advanced techniques to ensure quality


  • Ability to manufacture Babbitt bearings, slinger rings and seals



  • Only virgin grade turbine Babbitt utilized
  • Certification verifying OEM compliance


  • Guaranteed 95% Bond
  • Certified Level II NDT
  • Certification verifying complete bond


  • Capability to 5' OD
  • Capability for Ball Mills up to 64" ID
  • Surface finish to 32 R.M.S typical
  • Bore tolerance holding .001 or better




  • 26 years experience


  • OEM specifications adhered to


  • On Call
  • 7 Days a Week
  • 24 Hours a Day
  • 365 Days a Year
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Babbitt Bearing Specialists, Inc.


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